President zeng lingrong of china building materials industry planning and research institute visited huaneng zhongtian.

On September 9, 2020, President Zeng Lingrong of the China Building Materials Industry Planning and Research Institute led a group of six people from the Business Development Department, Green Building Parts Center, Standardization Research Center, and Integrated Board Center to visit Huaneng Zhongtian to make the 14th Five-Year Plan research. Mr. Li, chairman of Huaneng Zhongtian Group, warmly received him, and led President Zeng and his party to visit the company's cultural exhibition hall, laboratory, production line, raw material workshop, etc., and then had a discussion and exchange. In the subsequent symposium, Dean Zeng fully affirmed Huaneng Zhongtian's corporate culture, energy-saving and environmental protection transformation, automation, intelligence and management combined management methods, and proposed the leading idea of ​​the 14th Five-Year Plan, planning ahead Strategy, enterprises should focus on innovation: material innovation, equipment innovation, integrated innovation, fusion innovation, and innovation of upstream and downstream industrial chains! Let Huaneng Zhongtian Enterprise consolidate its dominant position in the overall industrial chain, contribute its core value, base itself on the main business, innovate and be prudent, and seek development.


Listen to the history and tell the story of winning in the midst of change, and let the genetic inheritance and independent innovation. Always strengthen yourself, challenge yourself, and reshape yourself! All Huaneng Zhongtian people will go all out to pioneer and innovate, to forge ahead bravely, to create a new market in the new era, and to strengthen the key forces in the internal circulation.

Post time: Apr-12-2023