Huaneng Zhongtian Group Won The Title Of Top 50 Central Enterprise Centralized Procurement Suppliers In 2020!

The 2020 Third China Central Procurement Supply Chain Enterprise Summit Forum and the Central Enterprise Central Procurement Supplier Sharing Conference will be held in Tai'an, Shandong from September 24 to 26, 2020. The organizer of this conference is the centralized procurement supply chain enterprise The alliance is organized by Central Lianxin (Beijing) E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Central Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Glodon Square Technology Co., Ltd., supported by the China International Electronic Commerce Center Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, and the National Industrial Information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Safety Research Center, China Communications Construction, China Railway Construction, China Huaneng, Sinopec, China Railway, China Energy Construction, China Power Construction, China General Motors, China Baowu, China Xinke, China Nonferrous Metals, China Metallurgical Corporation, China Building Materials, Chinese Chemical Engineering.

Huaneng Zhongtian Group won the title of Top 50 Procurement Suppliers of Central Enterprise Groups in 2020. As a landmark enterprise in the thermal insulation and energy-saving materials industry, Huaneng Zhongtian Group's main products are thermal insulation materials such as rock wool products and rubber and plastic products. With 35 years of development, it has created high-quality projects in China. Huaneng Zhongtian thermal insulation building materials are used in many landmark buildings across the country. It is the top 10 real estate developers in the country, 9 strategic partners, and the designated brand of many design units.


Relying on honor, Huaneng Zhongtian Group takes responsibility and forges ahead. In the process of excellence and ingenuity, we have passed the three-star product certification of green building materials, American FM certification, CE certification, industry patent certification, quality system certification, occupational health management certification, environmental management system certification, high-tech enterprise certification, Industrial enterprise R & D institution certification, participated in the compilation of industry and national standards for many times, to help the development of the industry.

Post time: Apr-12-2023