Huaneng zhongtian group was awarded the title of “national thermal insulation material product quality stable and qualified enterprise”

On August 24, 2022, the 6th China Thermal Insulation Industry Academic Annual Conference was grandly held in Hangzhou by the beautiful West Lake. Research institutes, industry upstream and downstream experts and well-known enterprises in the industry gathered together. Huaneng Zhongtian Group has passed it for eight consecutive years The National Glass Fiber Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted type sampling inspection and was awarded the title of "National Quality Stable and Qualified Enterprise for Thermal Insulation Materials".

Huaneng Zhongtian Group has been in Xiaode management for 30 years, and has always insisted on surviving on quality and developing on reputation. Huaneng Zhongtian always insists that when there is a conflict between output and quality, we obey quality. When benefit and quality conflict, we obey quality. When there is a contradiction between the speed of enterprise development and the quality, we obey the quality. Huaneng Zhongtian participated in the revision of a number of national standards and industry standards. Huaneng Zhongtian provides valuable data for the drafting and revision of each standard, boosting the upgrading of industry standards and leading the new direction of industry products. The phoenix spreads its wings at the new Beijing airport, and Huaneng Zhongtian supplied multiple tenders, winning the unanimous approval of the construction unit for its perfect quality. This is another aerospace masterpiece after the Capital Airport, Zhengzhou Airport, Baiyun Airport, Hainan Meilan Airport and other projects. The Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics has attracted worldwide attention. The Winter Olympic Village project and the ski resort project are another national-level project after the National Stadium Bird's Nest.


With its excellent performance, Huaneng Zhongtian successfully won the bids for many classic buildings in China, such as the Maldives terminal building, the Mozambique cultural center, the Ethiopian terminal building, Gwadar Airport in Pakistan, and the Lao Presidential Palace. , Complete the classic foreign aid projects on schedule with quality and quantity guaranteed.

Post time: Apr-12-2023